Would like to connect the DSGW-014 product to the LNS server of AWS

We have a DSGW-014 product.

I connected the CUPS of AWS through YouTube.
(I checked that it was connected through the LED status, and I couldn’t actually use it.)

However, we have come to the conclusion that we cannot operate our system with CUPS, so we would like to change it to LNS.

We thought it would be connected simply by changing the server address and TRUST, Cert, and Private Key.

However, it does not stick to the AWS server right now.

The IoTWireless GatewayCertManagerRole information has been changed as follows.

“Version”: “2012-10-17”,
“Statement”: [
“Effect”: “Allow”,
“Principal”: {
“Service”: “iotwireless.amazonaws.com
“Action”: “sts:AssumeRole”,
“Condition”: {}

What more parts should I try?

Did you check on the AWS panel whether the gateway was connected?
If so, you can try to register an end device to see if you can operate, else you shall check the cups credentials if you have renamed them and uploaded correctly.

I checked with AWS panel whether it is connected to CUPS.
If you connect with CUPS, it says “Connected”.
However, when I connect to the LNS, nothing appears in the connection information. I can’t connect continuously.

We need to connect to LNS.
Please let me know how to connect to LNS.