DSGW-040 Firmware update failure - Device Not Responding

I tried uploading firmware “V4.8.308.4145708_zZW128_e5351ea_DSI0177” to my Dusun gateway “DSGW-040-7” and now it stopped working.

I don’t have the appropriate firmware for DSGW-040, and since it was on an older firmware 3.x I decided to upgrade it. Now it’s not accessible over the network.

Please help. Thank you.

Hi, thank you for contacting Dusun LTD.
Please check this link for flashing new firmware:

Please make sure you are using the right image, please check:

note: you need unzip it and use fw.bin file

Thank you.

I installed those devices at a remote location, now I need to make modifications to my default firmware and add new default mqtt broker, username/password, and other settings.

First, I need to know what files to make modifications on in order to get default device certificates, mqtt configurations, LTE settings done.

Then, once I make those settings changes I want to repackage the firmware. Do you have any guides to unpacking, changing and repackaging the firmware?

Finally, once the firmware is packaged, I want to deploy it on a URL and then push the remote Gateway to fetch and update its firmware from that URL.

Please assist.

Thank you