Issues with the IoT network when using LTE

Hi, I have the Dusun Gateway DSGW-014,and I am experiencing some issues with the IoT network when using LTE. After inserting the SIM card and turning on the gateway, the power light (red) and the internet light (blue) come on.

Then, I enter the gateway settings, save the settings in the IoT service section, and the gateway connects to the TTN network.

So far, there is no problem. The issue arises when there is a power cut and the gateway is turned off. It won’t automatically reconnect to the TTN network .To reconnect to the TTN network, needs to enter the IoT service settings again and click on the “save and apply” button. The crucial point is that when we connect with a LAN cable instead of LTE, this problem does not occur, and after the gateway is rebooted, it automatically connects to the TTN network.

I want to use this gateway in a location where there is a possibility of power interruptions and outages. I expect that, after initial setup, it will automatically reconnect to the TTN network in case of power loss and restoration. Is there a solution for this matter?

Hi ehsanh,

Thank you for your posting.

We have a new firmware that fixed this issue, please check the new firmware here:

You need to download and unzip the file, and use “.img” as your firmware. Also, you need to unscrew the gateway and use the data micro-usb cable to flash it. When flashing, you need to swap the board from ADB to Loader mode.

The tools and driver can be found here:

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First press this to Loader mode

Then select the firmware img and use upgrade

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You need to reboot to get into the ADB mode after you pluged in your micro-usb cable