Issue connecting to main MQTT server with username and password & Connecting tags from different companies to DSGW 200 AOA Locator

  1. Connection issue with main MQTT server:
    I have successfully connected the DSGW 200 to multiple MQTT servers, and it is working as expected. However, when attempting to connect it to my main MQTT server, which requires a username and password, it fails to establish a connection and does not send any messages. Can you please assist me in resolving this issue? I would greatly appreciate any guidance or troubleshooting steps that can help me get the DSGW 200 device connected to my main MQTT server with authentication credentials.
  2. Connecting tags from different companies to DSGW 200 AOA Locator:
    I am interested in expanding the use of my DSGW 200 AOA Locator by connecting tags from different companies. Is this possible? If so, could you please provide instructions or guidelines on how to achieve this? I would like to ensure compatibility and seamless integration between the DSGW 200 and various tag options available in the market.

It may have some problems when you configure the locater, let us arrange a meeting to discuess

okey sure I am available all the time
but can you answer me also for the second question please
can i connect tags that is not from Dusun company ?
and thank you

Our gateway can only recognize the specific chip built into the beacon, so maybe not, Please share your ID and company ID, I will help you later