DGSW-090 MQTT Cloud configuration

I have a DSGW-090 Gateway and I’m trying to enable the MQTT comunication with AWS Iot Core.
In the “Cloud Connection Manage” → “Mqtt Config”, when I try to upload certificates, I try to upload to /etc/luci-uploads, but when I click the button Save and Apply, it shows a message saying to wait for the changes to be applied. When it’s done, the path that is shown is the predefined path (/etc/config/dusun/mqtt-gw/mqtt.cert) and not that one where I uploaded the files.

I have no messages in the AWS Iot.
Even if I try to upload to that predefined path, I can’t, because I have no authorization.
Already tried In the AWS Config option but the same problem exists.
Thank you for any help.

I believe that the certificates that were uploaded have been copied to the new path with new file name.
However I still don’t get this working. Already checked the certificates, but without any result. Even tried with Http Config posting messages in a server, but no messages have been written.

You can click again to check if all the certificates are uploaded, and make sure the certificates are named as in the figure.

Or you can login to check the path.

Waiting to get the gateway working again after solve the problem in this topic:

Hello Again.
Already rechecked the certificates. Renamed all of them for mqtt.*
I noticed that the root CA certificate that I downloaded from AWS ends with .pem and not with .cert, althougth I renamed it to .cert since at first, without renaming it, I couldn’t get any message in AWS.
Can you show an example of a complete configuration with AWS?
Thank you

I’m in doubt about the correct certificate to choose in each field.
So, as you show in image, the field “Certificate” has a file wich ends with *.cert. I found none of the AWS certificates with that termination.
I tried to rename this certificate:
to mqtt.cert.
I renamed the private key:
to mqtt.key
Then, you show a mwtt.crt file in the “Root CA”, but the Root certificate from amazon is:
wich I renamed to mqtt.crt.
Also set the SSL Option to “SSL Encryption”.

I’m sure that I have the correct server and port, but I still dont get any messages in AWS Iot topic at all.

I tried with a broker in another local machine and it works, so I believe the problem is related to the certificates.

If I change the certificates with *.crt and *.cert there is no result in AWS Iot.
Can you help me with this issue?