Getting zigbee2mqtt to work in DSGW-230

I encountered an error while running zigbee2mqtt on DSGW-230.

This gateway comes with Debian installed with luci. On luci, I was able to see that my zigbee devices were detected by the gateway and was able to send data via mqtt.

Next, I stopped the zigbee daemon:

I then created another user, gave that user rights to /dev/ttyUSB1 and installed homeassistant and zigbee2mqtt. But it shows:

This is Fernandes from Dusun FAE department.

Do you mind posting more such as your gateway firmware version please?

By looking at your log file, it looks like the format error. You may post an issue request under the GitHub page of the original author of zigbee2mqtt.

Hi Fernandes,

Thanks for your reply. The device I am using has the label “DSGW-210” dated 20221011.

Following are the information that I can gather from the Luci web page: Hostname: ubuntu-20.04 Model: IMX6ULL Firmware Version: Host System SDK / LuCI (SVN) Kernel Version: 4.4.194

‘uname -a’ gives: Linux ubuntu-20.04 4.4.194 #13 SMP Thu Aug 11 09:34:04 CST 2022 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux

For zigbee2mqtt, I did post to their github discussion but there was no replies.

Could the issue be the zigbee chipset in 210 not fully supported by zigbee2mqtt? Or do you have the required linux driver?


Thanks for asking.

Looks like it has an error on this line: ![|549.733x36.0709px]

You can do this: Go to Add-on store click repository

Input: GitHub - Zengzisheng/hassio-zigbee2mqtt-1: Official Zigbee2MQTT Home Assistant add-on and ADD it.Afte

After restart. You should see zigbee2mqtt add-on.

You can see there is no error: