Add SNZB-03 to gateway DSGW-030-1


I have a DSGW-030-1 gateway configured to report data to my cloud broker through the configuration in the Cloud Config menu. I have managed to pair a TuYA TS0210 device (Vibration Sensor) to the gateway and now I am trying to pair a SNZB-03 (PIR sensor) but it is impossible. The procedure I am doing is:
Through the browser, in the IP address of my gateway I go to: IOT Services / Zigbee and in that menu I press the Permit button. Once this is done, the Zigbee symbol starts flashing orange on my gateway. Then I press the pair button on the SNZB-03 sensor to pair but it never appears in the list of paired devices.

Is there somewhere I can see logs? Even if I connect via ssh to the gateway.

Thank you so much!

You can, via ssh, restart the mqtt process in a terminal window and watch the messages that it sends towards your broker. It might show you something useful. I use this approach all the time when I am trying to decipher the messages from a device. Do a ‘ps’ to get the process id of the mqtt task, then send a kill -9 to it along with the command line from the ps. Do it with a ; between so both commands process quickly as the gateway will auto restart the mqtt very quickly. when you are done you can just log out and the gateway will restore the background mqtt client

Apparently the SNZB-03 do not use the Zigbee 3.0 standard and are not recognized by this type of gateways. Problem solved.

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