Succsesfuly install DSGW-210-HA Home Assistant .img but

Hello, dear developers, I bought on Alibaba dusun dsgw-210, setup named “F1” with Z-Wave, ZigBee, Bt, LTE.
On buy-moment, it had preinstalled, but I want on it HASS, and, I try to install HASS from this topic. But when process begin, it stoped with error. Understanding technical material, I know that latest img to this device is debian bullseye, but minimum requirements for Home Assistant is debian 12 (bookworm), i try to change repo and upgrade – dsgw brokes down. Then think about send back to seller, I with last chance install this img, and it works. Perhaps, it makes some errors to working system as well as possible, but sometimes my system without any reason shutdown and becomes working when I turn reset button.
Considering the above, I want to know, maybe it possible to install home assistant operating system directly without img from site, and if it need’s install some driver patches as it possible. Is it possible?
I don’t want lose many time, because it now my general system for all home.
Or you can do system for device with long-time support?

Thanks, w. regard

If you want to install HA , I suggest you firstly update the ble module to rcp according to this topic .
And flash the debian11-image or debian12-image already built.