DSGW-210-HA Home Assistant IoT Gateway Operating System Upgrade to Debian 12

Dusun IoT’s DSGW-210 Home Assistant Zigbee Z-Wave Gateway now fully supports the Debian 12 operating system, enhances developer’s Linux IoT experience with fixed bugs and feature improvements, providing a robust IoT gateway platform and a smoother operation to leverage the capabilities that Home Assistant brings to your service.

6 Must-Know about DSGW-210-HA Debian 12 Upgrade

Let’s delve into the 6 key functional enhancements brought by the upgrade of Debian 12 OS:

  • Stability improvements: With 89 bugs fixed, the Debian 12 operating system becomes a more reliable operating system with enhanced stability.
  • Security enhancement: Debian 12 operating system introduces some key security improvements, including enhanced kernel isolation, security module enhancements, and the addition of new security functions. These measures significantly boost the system’s security and protective capabilities, ensuring robust defense mechanisms and fostering a safer computing environment.
  • Hardware compatibility: Upgrading to Debian 12 operating system and Kernel 5.10 optimizes hardware support and improves storage capabilities. With numerous driver updates for improved hardware configuration, this will comprehensively contribute to an overall boost in system stability.
  • Optimized performance: Debian 12 introduces memory optimization and performance enhancements specifically tailored for the EXT4 file system. Bug fixes targeting older version file systems play a pivotal role in elevating the overall performance of Debian 12.
  • User-Friendly Experience: The Debian 12 operating system has already been officially supported by Home Assistant. The latest version of Home Assistant offers enhanced compatibility with the Debian 12 operating system, leveraging its expanded software package channels. This allows users to install the software packages they need, contributing to a more user-friendly experience.
  • Long Lifecycle: The Debian 12 operating system ‘Bookworm’ ensures an extended support period of five years, until June 2028. This commitment provides a stable and secure operating environment, facilitating later maintenance and development cycles with confidence.

To complement these advancements, the upgrade comes with comprehensive documentation and support resources, enabling users to leverage the full potential of the new features and optimizations. With these resources, customers can confidently transition to the upgraded system and explore its capabilities without interruption.

Debian 12 Image Download: DSGW-210-HA Debian 12 Upgrade Image

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Hello DusunIoT

my hub is

DSGW-230-13 Smart Gateway Automation Hub with WiFi 2.4G/5G and Gigabit Ethernet

Please send me this hub tuya firmware?

Thank you :slight_smile:


from what I see in the current 1.1.7 SDK the kernel is still version 4.4.194.

Will you release an update to the SDK too?

USB Port stopped working on upgrade. No devices are recognized from the usb port with the debian 12 image.
After plugging something in dmesg shows nothing.

If i change back to the debian 11 firmware the usb port works again and devices are seen.

How can this be fixed?

The link is not anymore available. To you have another link for Debian 12 upgrade?

Check the latest link: DSGW-210-DB12-HA-RV3.0.0.img.tar.gz - Google Drive