Help with choosing a DSGW-210 sub-model

I’m going to buy two DSGW-210 gateways from Digikey. They will be models F1, F18 or B13 models.
I’ve read a lot so far and quite often everyone talks about DSGW210 or 210-HA, but without specifying whether they are F1, F18 or B13 models. Can anyone confirm the table below?

When I read the literature, I think I understood that all DSGW-210s are WiFI-equipped, but on the table, that doesn’t seem to be the case, and the same goes for LTE.
As for the battery, which models come with a back-up battery?
If I buy a model without a battery, which battery model should I use?

As the DSGW-210 gateways sold by Digikey are not equipped with Home Assistant, is this the correct link for installation on F1, F18 or B13 models?

That’s a lot of questions all at once, but unfortunately I need the answers to choose the model that’s right for me. Thank you in advance for your help.


Hi Philippe,

Thank you for your inquiry. Here are the answers to your questions:

  1. First, DSGW-210 and DSGW-210-HA are different versions of the product. DSGW-210-HA is a gateway pre-installed with Home Assistant software and is plug-and-play. DSGW-210 does not come pre-installed with any software but includes a basic configuration software developed by Dusun, and it requires programming or software installation, which is suitable for developers. DSGW-210 is compatible with various open-source software, including Home Assistant, OpenHAB, Node RED, Thingsboard, Jeedom, etc., but none of these are pre-installed. You can determine and install any of these software options after purchase - How To Install Application On DSGW-210 IoT Gateway

  2. DSGW-210 comes in various models to cater to flexible custom needs. In the model list section of the comprehensive product page for DSGW-210, you can see the support options for various models.

The dots in the table indicate the corresponding feature support for each model. If a feature is not supported, there will be no dot. For example, the 210-F-1 supports most of the variable options including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, li-battery, etc., while the 210-F-18 only supports Zigbee and Z-wave. The models in the “category A&B” section of the table are shown in blue, indicating that they are clickable, leading to their individual purchase pages. You can choose your preferred model and purchase it directly from the official website, or you can select your desired model and purchase it from Digikey. The official website will also provide links to the corresponding Digikey purchase pages on the model pages to facilitate customer purchases. Thank you for your feedback.

  1. Currently, the products available for purchase on Digikey only support certain models of DSGW-210 and do not include DSGW-210-HA related models. If you need to purchase DSGW-210-HA (2 model options), you can do so from our official website - DSGW-210-F-18-HA and DSGW-210-F-1-HA -

Feel free to let me know If you have any further questions. Thank you.


thank you for your answers, which confirm what I was thinking. I think prices are VAT excluded? And about the batteries, what model are you using and where can I get batteries for models that don’t have them? As for the rest, it’s clear to me.
I’ll be happy to read you again, and I think the community will also benefit from the answers you provide. Thanks again in advance…


Yes, the prices are VAT excluded. Following are DSGW-210 models with Li-battery:

If you get models without pre-installed li-battery but may want to install battery one day, you can buy a genery li-battery for it as long as the output of the battery is over 3A and the capacity is over 3800mAH.

Thank you very much for these details, I got everything I need to order the right model for me.


I received the DSGW-210 F18 gateway purchased from digikey. I’m in the process of installing Home assistant and I’m experiencing a small problem.
Firstly, I would like to be sure that the command lines are as follows, as I am far from being a Linux expert.
Here is the command lines i get from the Web page “[How To Install Application On DSGW-210 IoT Gateway](https://How To Install Application On DSGW-210 IoT Gateway)”

sudo -i
apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y && sudo apt autoremove -y
apt --fix-broken install
apt-get install jq curl avahi-daemon apparmor-utils udisks2 libglib2.0-bin network-manager dbus
wget -y
curl -fsSL | sh

Could you put the lines one after the other?

When I run to the next command,
" wget"

I get:

Saving to: ‘os-agent_1.2.2_linux_x86_64.deb.4’ os-agent_1.2.2_linux_x86_64.deb 100%[=====================================================>] 2.49M 10.5MB/s in 0.2s
2024-01-19 17:38:15 (10.5 MB/s) - ‘os-agent_1.2.2_linux_x86_64.deb.4’ saved [2610480/2610480]

Then when I run this one
" dpkg -i os-agent_1.2.2_linux_x86_64.deb"

I get this error message.
root@DUSUN:~# dpkg -i os-agent_1.2.2_linux_x86_64.deb
dpkg: error processing archive os-agent_1.2.2_linux_x86_64.deb (–install):
package architecture (amd64) does not match system (arm64)
Errors were encountered while processing:

Where did I go wrong?

Hello, I think I’m doing well up to this point:

root@DUSUN:~# dpkg -i os-agent_1.2.2_linux_x86_64.deb
dpkg: error processing archive os-agent_1.2.2_linux_x86_64.deb (–install):
package architecture (amd64) does not match system (arm64)
Errors were encountered while processing:

Regards and many thanks,