Source package location for DSGW-210

I’m following the quick start guide for the DSGW-210. Where do I obtain the source package referred to in section 5.1 (see below).

The source package name will be 3328-linux-*.tar.gz, get it from DusunFTP.


Hi do you mean the rootfs files?

I mean the SDK file referred to in your quick start guide. See section 5.1

The source package name will be 3328-linux-.tar.gz, get it from DusunFTP.*

The file you’ve linked to is an image. I’m looking for an SDK. Please refer to DSGW-210 Smart Programmable Gateway SDK Quick Start Guide v2.0.pdf - Google Drive

Section 5.1 refers to a file with the 3328-linux-*.tar.gz can you please tell me where I can obtain this file?

I also see two files in the download are;

can you describe what these are for?

Many thanks

This is SDK:DSGW-210-SDK-V1.0 - Google Drive

This is buildroot file system sdk: