DSGW-210-F1 BLE advertisment

Hi Suport team,

I need to write ble application on gateway-DSGW-210. I tried to make from application provided from here BLE Sample Code.

In the above example it is provided for OpenWrt SDK and i am unable to find OpenWRT SDK from Dusun Site.

So my question is

  1. OpenWrt SDK available for this gateway? If Yes, Please provide the link
  2. Do you have sample code(Make file) for BLE sample applicaton in Debian SDK? If Yes, please provide the link.


I ordered DSGW-210 recently as well, assumed they only support to use the SDK for development now. This is the package I got,

  1. SDK
    DSGW-210-SDK-V1.0 - Google Drive
  2. Related document
    DSGW-210 SDK Quick Start Guide - Google Drive
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