Dusun FTP + DSGW-210-F-1 quick setup guide


I started to play with DSGW-210-F-1 model. I tried to follow the quick start guide (Quick Start Guide | Dusun wiki) and I wonder:

  • is it a proper guide? It says dsgw 210 rk3328, which is not exactly the same model, but it is the DSGW-210. Are there any difference between these two I should be aware of?
  • I see that the sdk should be available on a dusun ftp server (“The source package name will be 3328-linux-*.tar.gz, get it from Dusun FTP.”). Where do I obtain these? I saw link as below mentioned in the FAQ, but it sadly results with 404.

Kind regards,

Hi, thank you for reaching out.
First, the DSGW-210-F-1 is a sub model of DSGW-210. They share the same QSG.
Secondly, sorry for the mistake in the QSG, we will update it later. You can find the resources via this link firstly - DSGW-210-SDK-V1.0 - Google Drive

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