How to Use AT&T LTE-M Service on Dusun IoT Gateway

Dusun IoT company has developed a 4G LTE IoT gateway that supports AT&T LTE-M mobile network to connect clouds. This article will discuss how to use AT&T LTE-M service on Dusun IoT gateway.

Dusun 4G Gateways supports using AT&T LTE-M sim-card to connect to cloud. Users should buy a AT&T LTE-M Sim-card and activate it through the AT&T website services. Then please follow the below steps to connect the gateway with the AT&T mobile network.

  1. Please insert the sim-card into the Dusun 4G gateway sim-card slot:

ATT LTE gateway

  1. Power up the gateway and configure the gateway APN settings. First Log into the gateway and then revise the APN settings. Input broadband in the Apn set textbox. Please check with AT&T about the APN setting for updated information.

authorization required 1

4G 3G argments config

  1. Unplug the network cable and the 4G module will startup. If the gateway can connect to a cloud platform (Dusun or others), the gateway network indicator will go out.