How To Enable Wifi For Dusun IoT Gateway

The following instruction will guide you through the process to enable Wifi for the Dusun Cellular LTE IoT gateway.

1. Launch A Web Browser

Launch a web browser from a device that is connected to the IoT gateway. The device can be a computer that is directly connected to the gateway (figure1: connection type 1) or a client from a router that is connected to the gateway (figure 2: connection type 2).

Figure 1 connection type 1 (for two ports gateway)

connection type2

Figure 2 connection type 2 (for one port gateway)

2. Login

  1. In the address field of your web browser:
  • Enter for connection type one.
  • Log in to the router, and find the gateway’s IP address (IP_addr), then Enter IP_addr.
  1. In the Login field, enter the gateway password and click the Login button. The default password is root (case-sensitive).

DM 20220629140139 001

3. Configuration

  1. Select Dusun > Wifi Manage.

3 wifi manage

  1. Enable Device Radio0 and configure Wifi Interface Wlan0(Wifi Mode: ap, Wifi SSID: Input your own; WIFI Encryption: PSK2 or others; WIFI key: your password)

4 wifi manage

  1. Click the Save & Apply button, and waiting for the changes to be applied.

  1. Then we can connect the Wifi (for this case: Dusun123) and connect the gateway through Wifi.

6 connect wifi

7 connect wifi