DSGW-014 LTE Fuction Setting

Hi, I got the dusun gateway DSGW-014, and have some problems with the lte function.

I’ve inserted a SIM card, which I am sure it works well in other devices. Here are my steps.

  1. Connect to the wifi of the gateway. And visit in a browser, I then switch to LTE page, fill in the apn. Then I configured on the TTN page, but it just shows disconnected.

  2. I double checked configurations on TTN, I didn’t find any problems. I suddenly realized maybe something went wrong with LTE. I then login the terminal to the gateway via ssh, and ping google.com. Got error.

Ping request could not find host google.com. Please check the name and try again.

Now I know the LTE function didn’t work properly. Did I miss any essential steps?

You can manually dial running this command.


Thanks for reply. But I got this error.

It seems something went wrong when sending AT commands?

Yes, you can manually run pppcmd in the terminal to see which command leads to the error.

pppcmd /dev/ttyUSB3 'AT+QCFG=”nwscanmode”'

All the parameters you need to check is in /etc/ppp/peers/quectel-chat-connect as it shows.

OK AT+QCFG="nwscanmode"

OK AT+QCFG="nwscanseq"

OK AT+QCFG="iotopmode"

OK AT+QCFG="band"