Zigbee port ttyUSB1 not found

Model: DSGW 210 F-32
Firmware: DSGW-210-Debian_image_RV1.2.2.img

I tried to run AmberGWz3_v8 also tried to use zigbee2mqtt and they return the same error:

$: /usr/bin/AmberGwZ3 -p /dev/ttyUSB1 -b115200:
Error: No such device ‘/dev/ttyUSB1’

$: :~/zigbee2mqtt# docker-compose up
ERROR: for zigbee2mqtt Cannot start service zigbee2mqtt: error gathering device information while adding custom device “/dev/ttyUSB1”: no such file orCreating zigbee2mqtt_mqtt_1 …

How can I configure this port ?

Seems the module is not correctly mounted.
You can try to run the script to reset the module.

I ran: $: /usr/bin/export_zigbee_zwave_ble_gpio.sh

And same problem /dev/ttyUSB1 not found.

the model F-32 you purchased is not equipped with zigbee
you’d better double check