Unable to flash new firmware

I have tried unsuccessfully to install the ADB drivers to be able to flash the newest firmware to the DSGW-210-HA. Every time I try to install the driver it seems to install (or uninstall) but doesn’t seem to actually install anything. As a result when I run Android Tool it doesn’t see the device.

Incidentally, I have tried more than one OTG cable just in case it was that but it still isn’t detected.

Can anyone suggest what I could try that might make it work? I need to reflash the device as the HA and Docker installation got messed up by an ESPHome integration and I couldn’t salvage it.

Thank you!

Please check this link:
You need to install the driver and also you need to connect it using USB-C cable

Thank you. That has worked and I have been able to flash the latest HA image. All is working now. I am most grateful for your help!