How to update the firmware in the Z-wave module in DSGW-210-HA

Please tell me how to update the firmware of the Z-wave module in DSGW-210-HA?

Different version supports different method, what’s your version now?

Model: DSGW-210-F1, Debian 11, Firmware DSGW-210-HA_image_RV2.1.3
Firmware version Z-wave module: 7.0

May I know why you want to update the zwave module firmware? Is it because of some warning?

The upgrade of this version requires a Jlink, do you have experience on using it?

Yes, I have experience using programmers.
I wanted to update because sometimes when I remove a device from the network an error occurs and I have to restart Home Assistant.
The error is not critical.

Can you pls list the error, or a screenshot would be appreciated. We can check if it is unknown.

Thank you, but I have already configured the DSGW-210-HA, I don’t want to reproduce the error again, I need to remove the devices.
It’s a pity that OTA update is not possible.