Installed chirpstack v4 via docker-compose on dusun gateway DSGW-014

Hi, I installed chirpstack v4 via docker-compose on dusun gateway DSGW-014.

I was able to login the chirpstack platform and succeeded to connect the gateway to the platform. At first things go well, but when I tried to register a gateway with a different region, something weird happened.

  1. I created a device profile with EU868. And it works well.

  1. Then I created a device profile with AS923

And I did change the region on the gateway’s luci page

  1. But after submitting it still appears to be EU868

What steps did I miss? Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

Currently the chirpstack-docker project doesn’t support multi-region simultaneously.

If you want to change you region. You are gonna need to modify some configurations.

  1. Change the prefix of MQTT topic in configuration/chirpstack-gateway-bridge/chirpstack-gateway-bridge.toml. This is mandatory.


event_topic_template="eu868/gateway/{{ .GatewayID }}/event/{{ .EventType }}"

state_topic_template="eu868/gateway/{{ .GatewayID }}/state/{{ .StateType }}"

command_topic_template="eu868/gateway/{{ .GatewayID }}/command/#"


event_topic_template="as923/gateway/{{ .GatewayID }}/event/{{ .EventType }}"

state_topic_template="as923/gateway/{{ .GatewayID }}/state/{{ .StateType }}"

command_topic_template="as923/gateway/{{ .GatewayID }}/command/#"
  1. Change docker name in docker-compose.yml





  1. Restart docker
docker-compose stop

docker-compose up

If that doesn’t work, reinstall docker

docker-compose down

docker-compose up