DSGW-210 serial connection

Referring to the DSGW-210 SDK quick start guide section 3 Target Setup. Can you confirm that the connection points (TP1100 and TP1101) for a serial connection are underneath the board (not as shown in the diagram)?

Please check it on your board, it should have some information on it (marked TP1100/TP1101), it is located underneath the board.

Thankyou - I found TP1100 and TP1101 underneath the board. Where should I use for a ground connection?


Can I confirm that the connection is 3.3V?

you need to power with 5V,and using USB-c port

I have connected power via the USB-C and the unit boots.

I need to connect to the serial connection. Your document says that I should use TP1100 and TP1101 for the serial connection. My questions are;

  1. where should I make a ground connection?
  2. is the serial connection 3.3V or 5V?


  1. The ground pin is TP1102.
  2. You do not need 3.3v or 5v for serial connection. Only those 3 pins.


Thank you for your response.

Regarding 3.3V or 5V. Can you confirm that the logic level is 3.3V?


I believe is 5v, but do not input USB-c power if you use 5v port

The logic level is 3.3V.