DSGW-210 Messed up the SSH connection

Hi All,

I have a dsgw-210, an it is working fine. I wanted to upload some files to the device via SFTP and I installed and SFTP service. I must have messed up something during the installation, because Filezilla accepts my user and password, but I am not able to connect to the server. It just says: “Could not connect to server”.
But my issue now is that I cannot connect to SSH either. Putty just says “Network Error: Connection Refused”.
The server is up and running, but it looks like I messed up the SSH service.
Do you have any ideas how to recover from this?

I’m not familiar with your board but check if it has any pins marked “RX TX”. Sometimes you have to solder in the pins in yourself so keep that in mind. If the board has these pins you should be able to connect to it using an inexpensive USB to TTL device like one of these:

I know this is a different company but here’s an article that describes how it works:

And one more (see 6.1.4)

Good luck!