DSGW-210 - setup and config LTE modem


Having issue on setting up the DSGW-210 to use the LTE modem.

Current config: DSGW-210-HA_image_RV2.1.3.img, apt updated, and with HA updated to 2023.10.3 & Zigbee2MQTT to 1.33.1-1. The system is working fine with ethernet cable, however, need the DSGW-210 to work with LTE.

Able to:

power up the LTE module (EG-95 EX)

created wwan0 and can access internet (nmcli).

However, when unplug the ethernet cable, wwan0 are gone too. According to the dmesg, it say USB disconnected for the LTE modem soon after the ethernet cable is unplugged.

Please advise how to correctly set up the LTE modem.

Please set apn first and insert sim, then unplug the wire also poweroff the gateway, then you need power up it without wire connection

You mean enter APN via DUSUN BG96 Integration in HA?

Yes, What is your APN for your sim card?

Followed your instruction, I can see the LED of the DSGW-210 turn to green, received one batch of MQTT message at my server, and then no more, the LED of the DSGW-210 turned back to blue.

It seems your sim card is working then stopped working, please make sure you are using the correct sim or change to another card, also, we recommend you using wire connection for HA. We will send you the APN setting by using SSH