Beacon LED blink cause it died

After one month of operation batteries of all of the beacons died (I measured 2.6V in one of them). I replaced the battery to one of the beacons. After a couple of days the beacon LED started to blink again, once every 10 seconds. We need the battery to run for more than one year for our project. 3- Multiple locators setup (in progress): c- Now I want to continue the setup for multi locators positioning, following the implementation guide: 2- “Configure the destination of the MQTT broker”. What address/port should I use? 3- “Configuration parameters” text box: I understand I must use one section for each locator gateway, configuring their x,y,z actual spatial mounting coordinates and x,y,z orientation. Can you please send me more information about how to identify the x,y,z axes and orientation angles? On the other hand, are all beacons allowed if I omit “allowList” ? 4- Connect the MQTT.fx to your local broker to acquire the data. Are MQTT.fx and MQTT Explorer different softwares or are they the same? 5- “Here as I used the local PC as MQTT broker, just use the localhost& 1883 to connect broker”. Should I type “localhost” instead of a particular address? I tried many different configurations and MQTT Explorer cannot even connect. Please, note the second locator gateway is still off. So, please help me with those questions for the Multiple Locators setup and also note there are pending issues about the beacon.

  1. We have updated the new beacon for the AOA scenario, please check DSBC-062.
  2. You can set any pot that you like.
  3. Please check “AOA Locator Implementation Guide” for more details, and yes, you can receive all the beacon’s messages after you delete the “allowList”
  4. It is different software, for more details, please check their official website.
  5. You need to check your local network firewall settings and also, the Mosquitto settings.