A Home Automation Project with Dusun Gateway

The platform is the market leader for do-it-yourself home automation in France. They have created free open-source software that is installable by anyone and works with all Linux operating systems. Users can design their own control terminals for their smart homes based on their favorite pastimes. The platform is strongly dependent on the producers of these hardware platforms because users of the platform often install software on Raspberry Pi or Linux development boards. The majority of the Internet of Things products that the platform outsources do not permit direct integration into the platform platform since the platform does not produce its own hardware. As a result, it is not simple to exercise control over a single platform due to the fact that the platform does not manufacture its own hardware.

  • Customer: a well-known home automation platform
  • Market Segment: Home Automation
  • Project time: 2022
  • Product: DSGW-210 (Dusun Pi 3)

A Quad-core Cortex-A35 processor powers the DUSUN DSGW-210 IoT gateway which supports multiple wireless protocols including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-WAVE, LoRaWAN, and ZigBee. The DSGW-210 can be easily upgraded to grow with your needs. Like the Raspberry Pi, it makes it simpler for users to install a variety of different application systems, including Home Assistant, OpenHAB, Jeedom, Node-Red, Thingsboard, etc. Compared to Raspberry Pi, it has a more professional IoT gateway design.

Care Details: Home Automation Gateway Specially Designed For Open Source Home Automation Platform