A Smart Home System Project with Dusun IoT Gateways & Devices

In order to increase the adaptability and effectiveness of the home automation hub, Dusun IoT offers a variety of smart home solutions based on multi protocol gateway. With this solution, intelligent lighting, mobile APP monitoring, and flexible light function control are all possible.

The Smart Home Project Basics

Dusun Smart Home IoT Solution

After several iterations of debugging, the smart home solution enables multiple devices to be controlled from a single IoT hub as opposed to several IoT hubs. The wireless communication program is the main focus of Dusun IoT, which has completed all of the programs on the gateway side. While the gateway’s downlink can speak with the sub-device through WiFi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee, the uplink is directly connected to the VIOMI platform.

It is worth noting that the gateway has a Blufi distribution network function. BluFi technology provides the ability to connect devices to a WiFi network using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for data transfer. This technology allows for more efficient data transfer compared to traditional WiFi networks and can save power compared to WiFi②.

Interconnection with various devices is realized on an IoT gateway, including Bluetooth mesh spotlights, Zigbee lights, Zigbee switches, Zigbee sensors (water immersion sensors, combustible gas detectors, smoke and fire detection alarms, temperature and humidity sensors, door and window sensors, human body sensors).

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