Zigbee module has stopped working

Hello, I hope you can help me.

I appear to have somehow upgraded the EZSP version to 0x08 in the Home Assistant software but not on the module which is still 0x07. Could you explain how I can flash the ZIgbee module to upgrade to 0x08, please?

Many thanks and kind regards,
Stuart Foster

Hello, this might need to login to the background via SSH.
You can use the following command to check the module version

AmberGwZ3 -n1 -p /dev/ttyUSB1 -b115200 -T
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Hello, thank you. The command reports the following:
“ERROR: NCP EZSP protocol version of 0x08 does not match Host version 0x06
AmberGwZ3: /root/.x/alink/amber/amber_test.c:48: my_emAfCliVersionCommand: Assertion `false’ failed.”
How do I proceed from here?

Many thanks and kind regards,

you can check in /usr/bin/ to see if there’s AmberGwZ3_v8 program, if it exists try to use this program to run the command
Besides, you can try the attached file
AmberGwZ3_arm64_debian_V8 (1.6 MB)

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Thank you. That has fixed the problem!

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