Upgrade OS version on the DGSW-010

Hi, I have just received a couple units of the DSGW-010-5 and the version of OpenWRT that it came with (Barrier Breaker 14.07) is very outdated. Is it possible to upgrade to the latest version? If so, how would I go about doing so.


Our build firmware is a bit outdated, please check our latest firmware here:

You can update it through Luci


Thanks for the reply.

What version of OpenWRT would this be? I just tried to flash it but I don’t think it was successful. It gave an error that the image did not fit in flash memory.

On the status page it shows only 2 MiB of disk space and 28 MiB of temp space.

Is this correct? From the product specifications I think there should be 64 MB of flash.

Hi Sven,

Am I supposed to upload that entire tar file to Luci? Or extract and upload one of files within?

Please provide more instructions, I have no documentation for how to use this product.

I think one of my units now has a corrupted flash. Please let me know how I can recover it. Again, any documentation you can provide on the DSGW-010 would be greatly appreciated.

Please use this button to enter the uboot to flash the image. Unzip the tar file and use fw.bin instead of using the whole zip file.

Please check here:update gateway using uboot.pdf - Google Drive

That worked thanks. After upgrading though I still only have 2MB of flash space available. Looks like 12MB is taken up by the OS, so maybe there is a 16 MB chip on here?

This unit was supposed to have 64 MB of flash space. The 2MB of remaining space that i have is nowhere near enough.

Please advise. The DSGW-010-5 is supposed to have 64 MB of flash space, correct?

Please contact the sales team for the product version, I can only help you with the technical issues