DSGW-081-5 Can read RS232 ASCII characters?

Hello Technical support

Can DSGW-081-5 read RS232 characters? Only I tested the page of device and can send hexa values, but I need read ASCII characters from device.

Can DSGW-081-5 acts as Ethernet Virtual COM?

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Hello Technical Support

I can read RS232 serial messages via MQTT report

The issue is that message is hexadecimal data.
Can I change anyone setting to show the data as ASCII?

If I convert manually the data the value is correct, but I will require program a conversion routine to hex to ascii

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Hello Team

Finally I have installed mosquitto broker and Python locally. Then I locally send mqtt on the same Gateway to MQTT Brokker and process the information with Python. Python helps me filter the data, convert from hexadecimal to ASCII and return with the MQTT paho client generating new topics.