Can the 210 support GATT and Mesh at the same time, and what is the difference in the way of connecting sub-devices?

About our devices and sensors: We design the following: Motorized window shades and blinds, Motorized Windows (Open/Close), Motorized garage storage, Garage lighting, etc. Most of these devices and sensors communicate using BLE GATT protocol. Our newest products are now using BLE Mesh.

Some use scenarios: For our BLE Mesh products we envision the gateway joining the local BLE Mesh network. The gateway would subscribe to the sensor or device that is publishing data like: temperature, battery level, motor position, etc. The gateway would then push the published data to the user’s database. The user could then log into the app and see the latest data from their sensors and devices. The user could then send a command from the app and the app would send the command through the cloud to the gateway and the gateway would relay the message to the end device over the Mesh. In this same way a user could make a voice command to an Alexa and the command would propagate through the cloud to our database and to the gateway to forward to the end device. The voice command could be to run a scene.

For our BLE GATT devices it could be similar. The one difference would be that the gateway would need to make a connection to the end device to get and send data to/from the end devices.

DSGW-210 is a programmable gateway, you can program your own Mesh and GATT application inside to make the Bluetooth module work, please make sure you contact your sales before you buy, because we need to replace modules to adapt to different applications.