A Remote Cardiac Monitoring Project (Smart Hospital Customer) with Dusun RPM Solution

For aging patients with chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease, their health status need to be monitored in real time after they are discharged from the hospital. Using IoT technology to build an efficient smart hospital so as to make up for increasingly tense demand for medical human resources is an important issues to solve for Zhejiang Qiushi Cardiovascular Hospital in China.

Dusun IoT’s Remote Patient Monitoring Device Solutions

Dusun IoT provided the RPM Devices solution of Bluetooth roaming gateway with wearable medical devices in response to the needs expressed by Zhejiang Qiushi Cardiovascular Hospital. Installing Dusun IoT’s DSGW 021 Bluetooth roaming gateway in their daily activity area is a good choice to accomplish remote cardiac monitoring. After patients with chronic diseases are discharged from the hospital, their health indicators need to be monitored in a long-term way.

For Hospitals

Patients’ vital sign data will be automatically collected by the Bluetooth gateway through the use of Bluetooth body temperature stickers, ECG stickers, pulse oximeters, and other Bluetooth-enabled vital sign monitoring devices, and the Bluetooth gateway will send the data via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 4G, or 5G to the server. The data will then be sent to the remote vital sign monitoring center, where the medical staff can monitor these health data in real time. Medical staff can check this vital sign data on a computer or handheld device in the meantime. Any slight disease variant can be found and contrasted in this way for the best possible treatment.

For Patients

Patients can move freely within the Bluetooth coverage area by relying on the Bluetooth roaming technology on Dusun IoT’s Bluetooth gateway without worrying about losing real-time data when moving and roaming. When a Bluetooth terminal moves from the coverage of a Bluetooth gateway to the next Bluetooth gateway, seamless Bluetooth roaming technology can make it automatically switches to the next Bluetooth gateway with a stronger signal. Process without interruption between APs.

This technique is ideal for countries that have very broad geographic areas and high demands for communication quality. Real-time vital sign data collection and transmission during Bluetooth roaming is a completely safe, reliable, and user-friendly technique that doesn’t involve any manual effort whatsoever.

Dusun Remote Patient Monitoring Block Diagram

As the core remote vital sign monitoring devices, Bluetooth gateway perceives, collects, and uploads the data from Bluetooth-based remote patient monitoring wearables, to the server or cloud platform of healthcare institution, thereby realizing real-time data transmission and monitoring.

Project Detail: Remote Cardiac Monitoring Using Bluetooth Roaming Gateway

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