Maskroom mode is not available, how to recover?

I have a DSGW-210 Gateway and tried to change partition sizes and broke the device completely. The device wont power on anymore and the LEDs dont light up. The problem ist, that I cant connect it to my PC to reflash an image. I installed all USB drivers and tried different approaches to enter maskroom mode but the flash tool still says “No Devices Found”. I tried different button press variations and also the approach of “Pressing the power button and the plug-in the usb-c power cable” i read in another thread. Can you provide some assistance to recover the device?
Thanks a lot!

It seems the file system is broken.
You will need to unpack the enclosure and take out the board.
Provide 3.3V voltage to this point and then connect the type-C port to your computer, and you shall see it in MaskRom mode.


Thank you! This worked and my gateway is running again!

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