How to Configure Bluetooth System with Dusun IoT BLE Gateways

The IoT BLE gateway can be configured following these steps:

  1. Connect the Bluetooth gateway to the PC and power up, according to figure 1;

DM 20220705133748 009

Figure 1. gateway→PC connection diagram
  1. Open a web browser on PC, input Gateway IP Address: Enter the username and Password (Username: root Password: root),and then login to the gateway;

DM 20220705133748 010

  1. Make system configuration at the system menu, the timezone, password and others can be revised here;

DM 20220705133748 011

  1. Configure the network at the network sub-memu;

DM 20220705133748 012

DM 20220705133748 013

  1. When the configuration is completed please reboot the gateway; Then users can log in the Bluetooth gateway by inputting the following commands in a terminal, and then input your password. IP_addr is the IP address which user-configured above. The default IP is The below figure shows the login scene. You can successfuly login into the Bluetooth gateway through ssh root@IP_addr

DM 20220705133748 014

More details refers to: Bluetooth Gateway Configuration Guideline