Dual HDMI output from RK3328 module or similar?


If I want dual HDMI output from your DSOM-010R-L, then could I connect a converter IC like the below link shows, to convert from CVBS to HDMI output?

The DSOM-010R-L doesn’t seem to have MIPI DSI output, which would be simpler to convert to HDMI output (without audio).

Please advise.

Thank you and regards,


Hi Albin, thank you for reaching out and soory for missing you question.

For Dual HDMI and MIPI DSI output system on module, we would like to recommend the following product.

DSOM-020R RK-PX30 System on Module
● CPU: Quad-core 64-bit Cortex-A35, frequency up to 1.3 GHz;
● GPU: Embedded ARM G31-2EE GPU makes the PX30K fully compatible with OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0/3.2, DirectX 11 FL9_3, OpenCL 2.0, and Vulkan 1.0.
Built-in embedded high-performance 2D acceleration hardware;
● RAM: LPDDR3, 1GB / 2GB for option, Storage: eMMC 8GB/32GB/128G for option;
● Power Management: RK809-1 Dynamic adjustment of the output voltage of each DC-DC converter;
● OS: Android/Debian;
● Operating Temperature: -20 °C ~85 °C;
● Storage Temperature: -40 °C ~85 °C;
● Humidity: 10~95%(Non-condensing);
● Exterior: Stamp Hole;
● Core Board Size: 45mm X 45mm X 2.6mm;
● Number of Pins: 144 Pins;
● Ethernet: 1-channel 10M/100MHz Ethernet interface requires an external PHY chip;
● LCD :Support MIPI, LVDS, RGB Interface;
● Touch: Capacitive touch can be expanded with USB or serial port resistive touch;
● Audio: AC97/IIS, Support recording and playback of audio;
● TF Card: 1 * SDIO Output Channel;
● 1 * SDIO;
● 2 * USB 2.0 (one for OTG), 6 * Serial Port (except for UART2, the other four channels support serial flow control);
● 8 * PWM Output, 4 * I2C, 2 * SPI, 3 * ADC;
● Camera:1 * MIPI CSI camera input interface or parallel camera input interface;

DSOM-110R RK3568 System on Module
● CPU: Quad-core 64-bit Cortex-A55, 22nm lithography process, (up to 2.0GHz)
● GPU: ARM G52 2EE, support OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0/3.2, OpenCL 2.0, Vulkan 1.1
● NPU: 0.8 TOPS @INT8, integrated high-performance AI accelerator
● VPU: support 4K @60fps H.265 / H.264 / VP9 video decoding, support 1080P @60fps H.265 / H.264 video encoding, support 8M ISP and HDR
● RAM: 2GB / 4GB / 8GB LPDDR4 Optional
● Storage: 32GB / 64GB / 128GB eMMC optional
● Power Management: RK809-5/RK860 Dynamic adjustment of the output voltage of each DC-DC converter
● OS: Android/Debian
● -20 °C ~60 °C (Operating), -20 °C ~70 °C (Storage);
● Humidity: 10 ~ 80% (Non-condensing);
● Dimension: 82mm x 50.5mm;
● Ethernet: integrated GMAC Ethernet Controller, for 2 * Gigabit RJ45;
● Support SDIO to extend Wi-Fi (2.4G/5GHz, Wi-Fi 6) & Bluetooth (BLE 5.0) two-in-one module, support 5G/4G Lte;
● Support 1 * HDMI 2.0, 2 * MIPI DSI, 1 * eDP 1.3, support up to 3 screen outputs with different displays.
● 2 * MIPI-CSI for camera;
● Audio Output: 1 * HDMI Audio, 1 * Speaker, 1 * Earphone, 1 * Microphone
● PCIe: 1 * PCIe 3.0, 1 * PCIe 2.1;
● 3 * SATA 3.0, 2 * USB 3.0, 2 * USB 2.0;
● Interface: 3 * SDMMC, 3 * SPI, 10 * UART, 6 * I2C, 2 * I2S, 16 * PWM, 7 * ADC, 3 * CAN, 130 * GPIO.

Hope it is useful for you. Feel free to get in touch with us for any other support.


Would you have DSOM-110R in a stamp-hole form factor?

If not, how many pcs do we need to order for you to develop one?

Also, would this module support Ubuntu 20.04?

Thank you.



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We do not have DSOM-110R in a stamp-hole form factor now. For ODM requirements including Structure Design and Software Development, the MOQ is 500 pcs. You can learn more about our ODM sevices here :point_right: https://www.dusuniot.com/landing-pages/odm/. If you reqiure ODM sevices, please contact our sales team.

Hello Support,

After some internal discussions, we concluded that we don’t need a stamp-hole form factor. However, we need dual HDMI output. The ADI DSI to HDMI converter IC requires paying a large amount of licensing fee to the HDMI consortium, and an NDA, before ADI would release the datasheet to these DSI to HDMI converter ICs.
Would any of your modules satisfy this requirement?



Hello Albin,

Now there are no ready System on Modules satisfy this requirement. We can do it for ODM.