Bluetooth Setup on DSGW-210

How can I setup the bluetooth device with the Debian image? In the webinterface bluetooth scans work just fine, but in Debian I cant even find a properly configured bluetooth interface. Unfortunately running didnt change anything and i cant find the “rk3328_ble_test.tar.gz” from Dusun FTP file.
Can you please provide detailed steps on how to solve this issue?
Thank you!

I have exactly the same issue with a DSGW 210. I Installed Debian with the Android Tool. The command
hciconfig returns nothing
bluetoothctl power on returns “No default controller available”
rfkill only the wlan interface

Does anyone can help us to setup correctly?

If bluetooth scanning works fine on the web interface, the process running background should be working fine too. You can check the process by command.

ps -ef | grep bul

And there’s a test script in /usr/bin/

The bluetooth module is running on NCP mode, while bluez requires RCP mode.
Check here to see the differences.
If you want to use bluez, the communication with built-in mqtt process would fail, you may need to build your own uplink connectivity.